What is this and why should I spend my time reading it?

Those are really good questions - and I'll tackle the second one first.

Maybe you're one of my family or friends and you feel obligated because someone (probably me!) told you I was writing a blog and you're reading it because you think you have to.

Maybe you're a friend of a friend (of a friend) and you're curious - and I'll take that.

Maybe you stumbled across this because you also have an interest in cooking or you found a link to one of my recipes somewhere.  If this is the case, I'm hoping you feel welcome, and come back often.

In any case, now that you're here, take a look around.  There's probably something that will catch your interest and if not, no harm no foul.

Now, what is this?  In some ways, that's actually a bit harder to answer.  I'm a middle-aged guy that likes to cook and by all accounts, is pretty good at it.  I'm also quite eclectic - not just in cooking, but life in general.  I'm passionate about many things and I may touch on some of them, I may not, but in all probability I'll talk about my family a lot since that's THE one most important thing in my life.

Yes, I'm really a dad - I have three adopted kids and although only one of them still lives with me, the other two stop by on a somewhat regular basis with their requests for their favorite meals.  I usually oblige though sometimes I'll make something that they've never tried in order to try to open their minds a bit to new foods.

Yes, I really DO love to cook.  I didn't always.  I grew up as the oldest of five kids with very busy parents and had to start helping early.  I remember learning how to cut up a whole chicken when I was eight (I must have done alright since I still have ten fingers).  The cooking I learned growing up was definitely a meat and potatoes, southern style cooking.  I still love that - fried anything is a comfort food to me (and it has to have gravy).  I've expanded considerably since then.  I like cooking in many different styles and will try making just about anything.  Having grown up in Kansas, I really never had any form of seafood growing up and still don't eat it to this day but my wife does so I'll fix it for her.  Likewise, I personally don't like anything very spicy (meaning spicy-hot) so I limit the amount of heat in my foods.

Also, growing up in Kansas, I tend to like smoked and grilled (or BBQ'd) foods.  My family makes our own sauce and while I can't share that particular recipe, any recipes that I share with BBQ will go well with whatever sauce you prefer.

So, this is really all about cooking in general and my cooking in particular with a dose of other things that interest me thrown in for good measure.

I hope you like it, stay awhile, and come back often.

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